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White Box Frame 23cm x 23cm x 4.5cm

Contains wording:
Life would be so wonderful
If you could just have stayed,
For when you left
it changed the world
And caused the light to fade.
But gradually as time goes by
The happiness you brought,
Warms and cheers and comforts
Every tearful thought.
Having you to cherish
Filled every day with love,
A Granddaughter* as perfect
As the angels up above.
To lose you was the saddest thing
That ever could occur,
But you left behind the gentleness
That made you who you were.
You will shine forever
In the memories that we keep,
So fold our love around your heart
And rest in Heavenly sleep.

*Can be changed to any word you wish
Please email photo to  (don't forget to include your order number!)

Box Frame - Rainbow


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